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We provide overall cleaning as well as regular and everyday cleaning. We will be glad to meet your requirements for non-standard situations. We offer regular and one-time cleaning, the quality of which is defined in clean details. The purpose is to remove dirt, filth and mess and at the same time to help you keep the whole place (either residential or industrial) in perfect order. We try to provide all these services to your maximum satisfaction.

Would you like to get rid of dirt or clean up the mess?

We remove dirt and filth – We clean the floors (floor washing and carpet cleaning with a special cleaning machine), we also provide window cleaning (window panes and blinds cleaning-up), we clean the furniture and other household items (wall panels, tiles, lighting, sanitary appliances and equipment, etc.); we will take care of your house façade and keep it clean (we also provide cleaning services and works in heights).

We clean up the mess – Sometimes it is essential to clean and tidy up for a general look. Every cleaning process is one-of-a-kind in some way. All the prices for cleaning and tidying up of each space can be individually negotiated depending on quantity, extent and demand of every single cleaning service. We can offer regular cleaning as well as special ‘one-off’ cleaning services.

Basic pricelist for the most frequently offered cleaning services

In case of any doubts in connection with cleaning and tidying up services, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions and specify details. We will be glad to consider your own ideas, expectations, demands and needs. With reference to the information given above, we are ready to offer an individual solution in providing cleaning services.

Floor cleaning

Cleaning with a single-disc machine with suction

14-24 CZK/m2

Cleaning and removing oil stains with a single-disc machine with suction

40-70 CZK/m2

Floor waterproofing

40-80 CZK/m2


180-280 CZK/m2

Revitalizing carpets with spray-extraction cleaning machine

12-16 CZK/m2

Revitalizing carpets with spray-extraction cleaning and a single-disc machine

14-18 CZK/m2

Natural stone (marble) grinding

450 CZK/m2

Floor polymerization

50-70 CZK/m2

Window cleaning and washing

10-16 CZK/m2

Window panes and glass parts

8-14 CZK/m2

Façade cleaning

40-60 CZK/m2

Removing graffiti

450-600 CZK/m2

Removing stickers (from 20 pcs.)

15 CZK/piece

Works in heights

250-350 CZK/hour

Blinds cleaning


18-20 CZK/m2


110-120 CZK/m2


Wall panels

12-18 CZK/m2


14 CZK/piece

Soft chair

20-30 CZK/piece

Soft armchair

60 CZK

Two-person settee

120 CZK/piece

Three-person settee

180 CZK/piece

Overall cleaning including other cleaning services

140-160 CZK/hour

Residential maid services

130 - 150 CZK/hour


1 km

17 CZK