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Are you interested in our cleaning or maintaining services? Do not hesitate to contact us either on the phone or via email. We will be glad to answer all your questions. We are ready to take your own ideas, requirements and needs into consideration. We will offer a unique cleaning service made to meet your individual needs.

Contact detail for further information and orders

Mobile: +420 606 712 126

E-mail: service@EveryCleaningService.com

Every Cleaning Service (ECS)

Is a trade mark for professional cleaning services provided by

Markéta Hlavatá

Id. number: 88007049

Na Podlesí 1455, 432 01 Kadaň

Czech Republic

A natural person operating in accordance with Trade Licensing Act of the Czech Republic, not registered with Commercial Register of the Czech Republic. We provide our services under the licensed conditions outlined in the text of Trading Law of the Czech Republic, as well as in Civil Law if the Czech Republic.

Our cleaning and maintaining services (i.e. for example, flat/house maintenance, office cleaning, etc.) along with all subordinate keeping, technical maintaining and cleaning services are provided on the base of Trade license to operate Unqualified Trade, subject Preparatory and finishing work, specialized construction activities; Real estate services, facility management and property maintenance; Residential maid services.

Classification of economic activities according to CZ-NACE: Real estate agencies, Site preparation, Manufacture, trade and services not elsewhere specified.

The provider is registered in Trade Register of the Czech Republic ID RZP: 3470027.

Ref. number: MUKK/34517/2011. Date of license: 20. 7. 2011.